Merry Christmas 2012!

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12/21/2012 Jeff

Merry Christmas 2012!

Friends —

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Earlier this week, Amy and I returned from a fantastic 11 days of sailing and relaxation, celebrating 11 years of marriage. Check out my Facebook page for photos we posted while there.

I’m proud to say that I think I set a new record (for me) in getting our Christmas cards out before we left. I wish I could say the same about getting this email out.

In case you didn’t get a hard copy of our annual card, you can find an electronic copy below.

The family is doing great. Grace is 6 and will soon be going to law school (or so it would seem); Isabel is 4 and is excelling in all things she is interested in (except maybe cleaning her plate every night); and Michael is 20 months and still showing no signs of slowing his growth rate (the Redskins O-line could really use him this week).

Bottom line: we are very blessed — for these things and so many more. Chief among those blessings is Christ’s birth and presence in our lives. We look forward to celebrating His birthday this year with a full house of family and friends.

And, we are we are grateful for the gift you have provided us in your friendship and for allowing us to share our life with you. May God bless you and your family with a joyful holiday and a prosperous, healthy year ahead.




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