A big step in the right direction

06/11/2012 Jeff

A big step in the right direction

Friends —

As you know, the Republican state convention is this Saturday, June 16.  Political conventions are always fun and something folks tend not to forget.  Congrats on being selected as a delegate to this year’s event.

Our Republican Party needs help.  Sure, we’ve had some gains as of late — but there is still a very needed battle going on for the heart and soul of our Party.  As a former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and state legislator, I know a thing or two about the need for such a battle.

Will the GOP in Virginia and beyond continue to be a top-down organization controlled by party bosses and establishment types who are more concerned with power instead of principle; title and position instead of service and purpose?  Or, will we take the necessary steps to become a bottom-up party — one firmly in the grasp of the grassroots?

Will we become a party that continues to be simply an appendage of whatever (of whomever) the current statewide flavor of the year is, to rubber stamp whatever they might do, consistent or not with our principles; or a party that is a major partner in electing solid candidates to public office, and importantly, one that can hold our office holders accountable?

At this year’s state convention, we have an opportunity to take a big step in the right direction by electing Donna Holt as our national committeewoman.

Our national committeewoman sits on our state party’s governing executive and central committees, and represents us on the Republican National Committee (RNC) — our national party’s governing committee.

I know Donna well, and I know her opponent (the current incumbent for the job) well.  I’ve worked closely with both of them, and I can tell you — without a doubt — our current national committeewoman is part of the problem with our Party.

Sure, she might be a nice lady and says she’s a “conservative” — but what good does that do if you simply do what you’re told by the very people you should be holding accountable.  We have enough establishment, top-down folks in Party leadership positions.  And after having four years as our national committeewoman, I know of nothing significant the incumbent has done except to arrogantly reject the collective voice of the grassroots and be the status quo’s yes-woman on the national committee.

Donna, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of person we need representing us on both our state and national committees.  She’s as grassroots as they come — and she’s got a fantastic track record of success. She’s built massive coalitions that have effectuated positive change for our Party and for our Commonwealth.  She’s mobilized tens-of-thousands to action, all the while being a humble grassroots warrior and a consistent voice for liberty and freedom.  Donna has produced some real tangible results not only for our Party, but also for our principles and philosophy – and she is one who we can count on to stand just as solid and firm after being elected as she has been before being elected.

Donna Holt is the only true conservative choice for national committeewoman.

There’s a big difference between these candidates.  One believes the establishment should dictate the direction of our Party; the other believes you should.

I hope you’ll join Amy and me in supporting our friend Donna Holt for National Committeewoman at this weekend’s convention, and in so doing, taking a very significant step in putting the Virginia GOP back in your hands.

There’s much to accomplish this year and in the years to come in ensuring our communities, Commonwealth, and country are headed in the right direction. Donna is just the person we need representing us on the RNC.

Best wishes —



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