1st District Meet-and-Greet and Endorsement(s)

05/02/2012 Jeff

1st District Meet-and-Greet and Endorsement(s)

First District Friends —

For those that signed up to be a delegate to the First (Congressional) District Convention on Saturday, May 12, this is for you.

It’s actually great news you’re a delegate. Why?

Because you will have the opportunity to elect a new chairman of the First District.

If there’s anything the First District needs, it’s new leadership. Believe me, I know. (I really, really know…)

The Republican Party, as an organization, is weak in Virginia, largely because it is a top-down Party controlled by party bosses and establishment types who are more concerned with power instead of principle; title and position instead of service and purpose.

Our district Chairman not only leads our district committee, but also serves on our Party’s governing state executive and central committees. I’ve got a lot of experience with these groups, and changing them is the first and most important step to creating a strong, principled, bottom-up Virginia GOP that not only is a major partner in electing solid candidates to public office, but also one that can hold our office holders accountable.

Eric Herr is just the man for the job. Eric learned his leadership skills during his 26 years in the Air Force (retiring as a Colonel) as a combat pilot flying F-15 Eagles (how cool is that!). More recently, as Chairman of the Stafford GOP, he took his county from having a Democratic majority on the Board of Supervisors to today, where not a single Democrat holds elected office in Stafford. (Learn more at his websitewww.ericherrforchairman.com.)

Those are some of the results he’s produced — but let me tell you about the kind of person he is as it relates to this job he’s seeking.

Eric is a strong conservative who is absolutely committed to changing politics-as-usual in our district and our Commonwealth. He wants to turn the status-quo on its head and put our Party firmly back in the hands of the grassroots. All long over due.

That’s why Amy and I are proud to be supporting Eric. I hope you’ll join us, as well as Delegates Marshall, Lingamfelter, Cole, Anderson, and Dudenhefer, among many others.

And, I hope you’ll join us at our home this Tuesday (May 8) at 7pm. We are hosting a Meet-and-Greet for Eric so you can have an opportunity to get to know him before the convention. Of course, Amy and I will be there (it’s at our house), but if that’s not enough, Delegates Scott Lingamfelter, Rich Anderson, and Mark Dudenhefer will also be joining us — as well as our newest Prince William GOP Chairman, Bill Card. Please find the details below.

There’s much to accomplish this year and in the years to come in ensuring our communities, Commonwealth, and country are headed in the rightdirection. Eric is just the person we need at the First District helm.

Hope to see you Tuesday.

Best wishes —


P.S. Above, I mentioned the need to change the State Central Committee. In addition to electing Eric, you will be able to elect new members to that committee to represent our district. We are strongly supporting Steve Albertson and Jeanine Lawson for two of the three slots that are available. We’ll make some real progress by getting Eric, Steve, and Jeanine in there.


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