A life coach? Not exactly. Therapist? Nah. Financial or legal advisor? No, not credentialed for that. Business advisor? Well, maybe. Career coach? Relationship and/dating coach? Parenting counselor? No, no, and no.

But if you’re going through a tough divorce, I can help with strategy and make sure you have the right attorney working with you. Have a business that you just can’t seem to get it to the next level, I’ve done that. Trying to figure out if you want to invest in real estate or financial markets? I can help you figure out where to focus. Want to change jobs or careers? I’ve hired and fired a lot of people in both professional services and vocational positions, so I can provide some insight. Back on the dating scene and not sure how to manage matchmaking in the 2020’s? I got you. Need to give a big speech and hate that sort of thing? I’ll get you comfortable with both your audience and your content. And there’s thousands of other situations and circumstances I can work with you to develop the best strategy.

I bring a unique combination of all of the above (and more), providing informal advice and counsel in a range of areas – personal and professional – to help provide clarity, direction, and focus to help you navigate both challenges and opportunity. And to the extent you do need a legal, financial, career, or other paid specialist, I’ll help to make sure you’re picking the best players for your team.

With my diverse professional background, including having served as a legislator where I had to develop subject matter expertise in matters I had no prior experience in, I’m quick to grasp concepts and have a wealth of knowledge in a range of areas. Additionally, I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 26 years, having founded and run business in a range of industries, including real estate, technology, public affairs, policy, beverage, and hospitality.

I’ve succeeded and failed, so I’ve got the experience, knowledge, and even some wisdom that can provide a range of advice and counsel to help you avoid pitfalls and best position yourself for success in all of your life’s pursuits – whatever they may be.

I guess I’m kind of a strategic personal and business coach, advisor, and counselor for all of your life’s activities and affairs – personal and professional. In one word, strategy is my expertise.

Whether you’re at the lowest valley or the highest peak, everyone needs advice from time to time – the guy who can’t seem to catch a break, and the most successful and confident alike.

Geography isn’t an issue. Can work with you remotely or will travel anywhere. Contact with me will always be confidential unless you prefer otherwise.

NOTE: My services would include giving broad and diverse informal advice. I am not a licensed attorney, financial advisor, or health professional and make no representation to the contrary.